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Fuel lines

You can make your vehicle more fuel efficient with proper service and maintenance. Cleaning the fuel system regularly can remove engine deposits, clean cylinders, and help your car’s exhaust system last longer.

High-quality fuel service

At Jon's Auto Service in Rockford, IL, we take care of all your fuel woes. We service the following:

Experienced staff at work

Dirty fuel and inefficient fuel systems also can lead to more expensive repairs. So, bring your car to our professionals with over 40 years of experience for a thorough check-up.


With us, you can always expect quality service and fair rates, For a FREE estimate, call us at 815-398-0032.

Fuel System Cleaning and More

  • Fuel injector systems

  • Diesel fuel injection

  • Fuel tanks

  • Spark plugs and wires

  • Water and fuel pump repair and replacement