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Your vehicle’s suspension system and struts keep the car on the road and you in control. Make sure that your ride is a smooth one with repair and maintenance services from Jon's Auto Service in Rockford, IL.

Fix your suspension system

If you have noticed bouncing when driving down the road, the car wanders, or the steering wheel is crooked, there may be a problem with the suspension or struts. Our services include:

Comprehensive services

When a problem with the suspension or struts occurs, it should be addressed as soon as possible before it becomes an even bigger issue.


Issues in the suspension system can cause other problems with steering too. So, don't waste time and bring your vehicle to us. Give us a call today to get your FREE estimates at


Say Goodbye to Bumpy Rides!

  • Front-end alignment

  • Front-end suspension

  • Steering/ steering column

  • Shocks, struts

  • Springs